Vilciens Nr.6428 Vilciens Nr.6733 Rīga (18:12) -Jelgava (19:01) izbrauca no Rīgas 18:42

Vilciens Nr. 6368 Priedaine -Rīga izbrauks no Priedaines 18:40 . Kursēs ar visām pieturām.

Vilciens Nr. 6424 Dubulti (17:25)  - Rīga(17:59) izbrauca no Dubultiem ar 40 min kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6425 Rīga(17:30) - Sloka(18:21)  ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6426 Sloka(17:34) - Rīga(18:24) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6428 Sloka(18:33) - Rīga(19:23) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6517 Rīga(17:55) - Tukums1(18:57) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Plk. 19:13 iecirknī Priedaine - Sloka remontdarbi pabeigti, tupmāk vilcieni kursēs pēc saraksta.

From 8 September it is possible to purchase train tickets on our web-site!

View the train timetable of your train and buy a ticket here!

E-ticket is a ticket paid on the web-site, which is electronically registered in our ticket sales system and is identified with a unique ticket code.

It is possible to purchase electronically the following types of tickets:

1)    one-way tickets (without seat designation);

2)    return tickets (without seat designation);

3)    one- way tickets for luggage;

4)    return tickets for luggage.

It is possible to buy the earlier specified e-tickets within a single line! If you wish to purchase e-ticket with changing your seat at Riga, Tornakalns or Zemitane station, then you have to buy e-ticket for each line separately.

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