Vilciens Nr.6428 Vilciens Nr.6733 Rīga (18:12) -Jelgava (19:01) izbrauca no Rīgas 18:42

Vilciens Nr. 6368 Priedaine -Rīga izbrauks no Priedaines 18:40 . Kursēs ar visām pieturām.

Vilciens Nr. 6424 Dubulti (17:25)  - Rīga(17:59) izbrauca no Dubultiem ar 40 min kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6425 Rīga(17:30) - Sloka(18:21)  ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6426 Sloka(17:34) - Rīga(18:24) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6428 Sloka(18:33) - Rīga(19:23) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6517 Rīga(17:55) - Tukums1(18:57) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Plk. 19:13 iecirknī Priedaine - Sloka remontdarbi pabeigti, tupmāk vilcieni kursēs pēc saraksta.

Comfort class


Services available in the comfort class:

  • A comfort class wagon has 16 numerated seats. When purchasing a ticket, the passenger can choose a seat he/she likes from the available seats.
  • More convenient tables.
  • Free Wi-Fi is ensured in the wagon.
  • Electricity socket (220V)
  • Magazines and informative materials for more interesting trip. Read and leave for other passengers!
  • If you get cold, ask the guard for a rug! After the trip please leave the rug on your seat and give it back to the guard!
  • Hanger for outdoor clothes.
  • Stand for the baggage.
  • It’s possible to buy a tea, coffee and other drinks.

Additional fee for the trip in the comfort class wagon EUR 1.40.

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