Vilciens Nr.6428 Vilciens Nr.6733 Rīga (18:12) -Jelgava (19:01) izbrauca no Rīgas 18:42

Vilciens Nr. 6368 Priedaine -Rīga izbrauks no Priedaines 18:40 . Kursēs ar visām pieturām.

Vilciens Nr. 6424 Dubulti (17:25)  - Rīga(17:59) izbrauca no Dubultiem ar 40 min kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6425 Rīga(17:30) - Sloka(18:21)  ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6426 Sloka(17:34) - Rīga(18:24) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6428 Sloka(18:33) - Rīga(19:23) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6517 Rīga(17:55) - Tukums1(18:57) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Plk. 19:13 iecirknī Priedaine - Sloka remontdarbi pabeigti, tupmāk vilcieni kursēs pēc saraksta.

For passengers with special needs

To facilitate the arrival of persons with reduced mobility (hereinafter – PRM) in the train, PRM are provided at particular stations with the possibility to get lifted in and out of the train wagon by means of the mobile lifts. The service is provided for free.

  • Currently the service is provided in the following stations: Riga, Krustpils, Rezekne, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Saulkrasti, Sigulda, Dubulti, Vaivari.
  • PRM who needs assistance must notify of his/her planned trip at least 48 hours before the start of the trip by calling the free phone 80001181 or electronically. The service may be notified on working days from 8:00 to 17:00.
  • If the request is sent electronically, the applicant must fill in a definite form and send it to the information service electronically to the e-mail address Sample for is available here.
  • PRM who has received an approval regarding the provisions of the notified service, is obliged to arrive in the relevant railway station maximum 30 minutes before the train departure time specified in the application.

•  "Access conditions of persons with reduced mobility to the railway infrastructure and the rolling stock " are available here.

•  "Guidelines for application of construction standards as to the availability of environment for persons with functional disorders (persons with sight, hearing, movement and mental disorders)" are available here.

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