Vilciens Nr.6428 Vilciens Nr.6733 Rīga (18:12) -Jelgava (19:01) izbrauca no Rīgas 18:42

Vilciens Nr. 6368 Priedaine -Rīga izbrauks no Priedaines 18:40 . Kursēs ar visām pieturām.

Vilciens Nr. 6424 Dubulti (17:25)  - Rīga(17:59) izbrauca no Dubultiem ar 40 min kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6425 Rīga(17:30) - Sloka(18:21)  ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6426 Sloka(17:34) - Rīga(18:24) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6428 Sloka(18:33) - Rīga(19:23) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Vilciens Nr.6517 Rīga(17:55) - Tukums1(18:57) ir atcelts remontdarbu dēļ.

Plk. 19:13 iecirknī Priedaine - Sloka remontdarbi pabeigti, tupmāk vilcieni kursēs pēc saraksta.

Next stop: Botanical garden!

Botanical Garden is located a few steps away from the Salaspils Railway Station!

Also this year, we continue our successful cooperation with national Salaspils botanical garden.

Showing the valid train ticket, Botanical garden visit costs only €2.00!



In Latvia we have the place to dwell in summer throughout the year! Salaspils conservatory is full of flowers and green plants from warm lands all year long! Complete your photo galleries with summery photographs from this green oasis - conservatory!


Opening hours

April-September October-March
Open area exposition: 9:00-20.00 Open area exposition: 9:00-18.00
Conservatory: 9:00-18.00* Conservatory: 9:00-18.00*

*Conservatory: Mondays, Tuesdays – closed!

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