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Sales of international tickets

JSC "Pasazieru vilciens" offers carriers the opportunity to provide ticket sales at Daugavpils 1st ticket office and Rezekne 2nd ticket office (service points), where it is possible to purchase travel documents for international passenger transportation, as well as receive money for unused one-way trip tickets and baggage tickets. Money for tickets purchased online is refundable upon claim.

JSC "Pasazieru vilciens" receives a fee of EUR 4.10 (four euro, 10 cents), exclusive of VAT, for each purchased ticket, and EUR 1.37 (one euro, 37 cents), excluding VAT, for each ticket purchased via the Internet.

Locations of the international ticket offices:

  • Rezekne 2 - Rezekne II passenger station, 7A Stacijas Street, Rezekne;
  • Daugavpils - Daugavpils passenger station, 44 Stacijas Street, Daugavpils.

Ticket office opening hours can be found here.

Carriers may apply for the service/s by submitting an application in free form at JSC „Pasazieru vilciens”, 14 Turgeneva Street, Riga, LV-1050.

JSC „Pasazieru vilciens”
14 Turgeneva Street, Riga, LV-1050
VAT Reg. No. LV40003567907
Account: LV76HABA0551002713776

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