Līnijā Tukums2 -Rīga vilcienu kustība ir atjaunota pl.10:28, vilcieni brauc ar kavejumiem.

Vilciens Nr.6411 Rīga (10:00) - Sloka (10:50) brauc ar 28 minūšu kavējumu.

Posmā Zolitūde - Depo uzbraukums cilvēkam.

Vilciens Nr.6408 Sloka (08:00) - Rīga (08:50) brauc ar 113 minūšu kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6414 Sloka (09:39) - Rīga (10:30) brauc ar 35 minūšu kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6510 Tukums2 (07:20) - Rīga (08:28) brauc ar 130 minūšu kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6410 Sloka (08:20) - Rīga (09:10) brauc ar 95 minūšu kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr.6412 Sloka (09:06) - Riga (09:57) brauc ar 46 minūšu kavējumu.

Vilciens Nr. 6114 Rīga(10:18)-Skulte(11:27) paredzamais kavējums 30 minūtes, sasaiste ar vilcienu Nr. 6412.

Jurmala - the biggest resort city in the Baltic States!

Jurmala is the city by the Gulf of Riga stretching along 26 km of coastline with modern relaxation and resort facilities. It has become the largest resort area in the Baltics as well as a popular location for international conferences and meetings.

Jurmala is divided into 14 residential areas and train stops - Priedaine, Lielupe, Bulduri, Dzintari, Majori, Dubulti, Jaundubulti, Pumpuri, Melluži, Asari, Vaivari, Sloka, Jaunķemeri and Ķemeri.

There is the peace and quiet of Priedaine, and there is Jomas Street, the street in Majori always on the go, with its many little restaurants and diverse entertainment. Bulduri and Dzintari are classic Nouveau and contemporary summer-house districts. From Vaivari to Jaundubulti there are single-family homes with small summer cottages and reminiscences of Jurmala’s once-famed strawberry fields. Farthest west lies Kemeri – administrative centre of Kemeri National Park, with mineral water and curative and mud sources unique in the world, and outstanding nature trails.

The city’s beaches are its largest draw. Majori and Jaunkemeri beaches have received the Blue Flag, which means they are clean, safe and well-maintained. The Blue Flag beaches are especially popular with vacationers. At the beach you can hire paddle-boats and jet skis, play football and beach volleyball, or learn to windsurf.

With pleasure Jurmala is waiting each and every visitor - whether you are staying for a moment or a few days or longer, to enjoy the sea breeze, the sun, nature, architecture and cultural life. Jurmala – the place to meet, the place for love, the place to come back to again and again!

The suburban trains depart from Riga Central train station and have such routes as "Riga - Dubulti", "Riga - Sloka", "Riga - Ķemeri" and "Riga - Tukums". The tickets from Riga cost 1.40 EUR and you can buy it in every ticket window of „Pasažieru vilciens”.

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