Starting from 16 of May running of trains is restored on the route Riga-Valga-Riga

Starting from Saturday, 16 May, running of trains is restored on the route “Riga-Valga-Riga” which, since 17 March 2020, had been serviced by trains running only up to Lugaži station. 

Trains to and back from Valga will run as before twice a day on both the weekdays and weekends.

The route servicing has been restored in view of the decision of the Latvian Government on opening of internal Baltic borders and permission for nationals of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as for holders of residence permits, to freely move between all the three Baltic countries.

Please, note that during the emergency situation there is still a call to think through the need for each travel before it is undertaken and to use the public transport only in cases of essential necessity. During the whole travel in passenger trains, the passengers must use mouth and nose covers for their own safety and safety of other persons. In order to reduce human contact, we are encouraging to opt for a remote purchase of train tickets wherever it is possible using the website or mobile app of Pasažieru vilciens, thus saving 5% or 10% of the ticket price. Otherwise, when buying tickets on‑board the train from ticket inspectors, we encourage passengers to make wireless payments.

The said changes are already introduced in the train timetables which are published on the website and mobile app of Pasažieru vilciens and show train running schedule in advance for the next 10 days.

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