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Group ticket (more than 25 passengers)

If you are a group of travelers, it is important to know that it is more advantageous to purchase a group ticket - group consisting of more than 25 persons has 15% discount!

Where you can purchase the ticket?      

  • Ticket can be purchased in our cash-offices or on the train.

When the ticket is valid?             

  • The ticket is valid for one trip on the time and day the ticket is purchased. The ticket can be purchased also in advance booking 10 days in advance and it is valid on the specified date.

  • For shorter trips the most advantageous is the round-trip ticket because so you can save additional 5% of the “return” ticket price. The return ticket is valid on the “there” trip day or on the following day.

In what route the ticket is valid?             

  • The ticket is valid on the route line specified on the ticket within the limits of both end-stations or areas or in both directions is a return ticket is purchased.

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