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For all days of a month for diesel trains

If in the span Riga-Lielvarde-Riga you want to go by diesel trains No.816, 815, 818, 817, 810, 801, 820, 819, 824, 823, 826 and 825, it is important to remember that excess fare of 0.25 EUR is defined for these trains. When buying a day ticket to diesel trains, the excess fare is already included in the price and you can go with it both in diesel and electrical trains.
Where you can purchase the ticket?      

  • Ticket can be purchased only in our cash-offices. 

When the ticket is valid?             

  • The ticket is valid for unlimited number of trips on all days of the month specified on the ticket. The ticket can be purchased also in advance booking 10 days in advance – in this case it is valid during the period specified on the ticket. 

In what route the ticket is valid?             

  • The ticket is valid on the route line specified on the ticket within the limits of both end-stations or areas.

  • The ticket is valid in both directions and the savings make even 46%!

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