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Zones and Intermediate Zones

Each of the routes is divided into 3-5 zones, as well as intermediate zones:

  • Each line of the route is divided into zones. Skulte, Sigulda and Jelgava lines are divided into A, B and C zones, Tukums line – into A, B, C and D zones; in turn, Aizkraukle line – into A, B, C, D and E zones.
  • With a zonal ticket purchased it is possible to go not only till the destination specified in a ticket but up to the border area. For example, the price per a ticket Riga - Ikskile amounts to 1.50 EUR and the ticket is valid for trips within the limits of A-B zones of the entire Aizkraukle line, even up to Parogre.
  • There are two types of intermediate zones - 1.00 EUR and 1.10 EUR. The stage of a trip of the intermediate zone is within two adjacent tariff zones, wherein a special discount is applicable to pay a trip at the appropriate stage of the route. Intermediate zones are established in order the short-term trips, which cross the area borders would be cheaper.
  • It is possible to travel with the intermediate zone ticket not only till the destination specified in the ticket, but up to the border of the intermediate zone. For example, the ticket price on the route Tornakalns - Majori amounts to 1.10 EUR and you can go till Melluzi with such a ticket, which is the inter-zone border.
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